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Make Your Diet Personal

Dieting always tells you what you can’t eat. You can’t eat pizza. You can’t eat red meat. This is YOUR diet. This is YOUR nutrition. You can eat whatever works for YOU. Your new dieting goal is as easy as it gets: hit your macros.

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Gain Lean Muscle Mass

he most important principle of the last section: eat at a deficit to lose weight and eat at a surplus to gain weight. If your target calorie deficit is 2000 calories, and you eat 2000 calories worth of donuts, you will still lose weight. You’re working out with Daily Spot now, which means you want to give your body the fuel it needs to carve the muscles you're developing in the gym. You want to build lean muscle. Your body needs protein.

How to Lose Body Fat

It’s astounding that people PAY for point system diets. Point systems take something that SEEMS complicated (tracking calories) and make it easier to track. Honestly, maybe this was helpful in the 90s before you had the calories of every food at your fingertips. You can now even scan barcodes into your fitness tracker.


Fleet Feet Weekly Run Club

There’s only one thing better than a runner’s high – sharing it with a bunch of friends. Fleet Feet is home to one of the most active and supportive running communities in the country. The weekly runs are fun, supportive, safe, and absolutely NOT elitist. These weekly events are great to meet a new fitness enthusiast, find a running partner, or break out of your normal routine.

Lululemon-Sponsored Events

One of the best ways for big brands to interact with customers is through community events. These events happen daily throughout the country. If you shop at Lululemon, chances are you’ve noticed their ambassadors. The ambassadors aren’t a-list athletes, they’re your favorite teacher from an amazing studio. This sense of community expands beyond the store. Lululemon is known for hosting free events.

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