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Healthiest Places to Grub

One of the most difficult parts of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is eating well. They say abs are made in the kitchen! Pre-made meals are great because you know exactly what goes into them, but most of us don't have the time to shop and prep food. If you're looking to eat healthy WITHOUT having to spend a lot of time preparing your food, here's a list of my 3 favorite fast / healthy options.

No Gut(s), No Glory

Feeling bloated? Sluggish? Not yourself? Instead of grabbing another cup of coffee or ignoring it, try looking on the inside…


Fleet Feet Weekly Run Club

There’s only one thing better than a runner’s high – sharing it with a bunch of friends. Fleet Feet is home to one of the most active and supportive running communities in the country. The weekly runs are fun, supportive, safe, and absolutely NOT elitist. These weekly events are great to meet a new fitness enthusiast, find a running partner, or break out of your normal routine.

Lululemon-Sponsored Events

One of the best ways for big brands to interact with customers is through community events. These events happen daily throughout the country. If you shop at Lululemon, chances are you’ve noticed their ambassadors. The ambassadors aren’t a-list athletes, they’re your favorite teacher from an amazing studio. This sense of community expands beyond the store. Lululemon is known for hosting free events.

The Pro's Gym Bag Kit

My new year's resolution was to have more fun at the gym. One of the best ways I could think to do this was by making the gym more of an experience. I realized a key part of the experience was what I brought to the gym. This sent me down a path to assemble the ultimate gym bag.

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