Overview of Exercises

At Daily Spot, we consider exercises to be the building blocks of workouts. These are singular movements, and as you combine them, you begin to create a workout. There are plenty of exercises that target specific body parts or use specific equipment. As you begin to master these exercises and understand their purpose and target muscle, you’ll be able to create workouts that leverage your access to equipment and focus on your personal goals. On Daily Spot, you’ll see hundreds (maybe over a thousand) different exercises. Let’s jump right in to some key differentiators.

Barbell Exercises, Dumbbell Exercises, and Bodyweight Exercises

Daily Spot is organized based on the equipment necessary to perform each workout. That means that some exercises will show up in multiple categories. A great example of this is the Squat. While the motion is the same, a barbell squat can offer other, significant benefits that cannot be achieved using a bodyweight squat. The exercises are also separated this way because it will make it very easy for you to identify exercises based on your access to equipment. Bodyweight exercises can be performed from anywhere – your home, office, or even a hotel room. On the other hand, most of the barbell exercises will assume gym access. The dumbbell exercises are split – some are perfect to do at home, whereas some require heavier weight found at your local gym. As you explore our site and learn more about each exercise, spend more time getting comfortable with exercises that match your lifestyle. As you put together your own workouts, or follow experts on Daily Spot, you’ll take solace in knowing that you know more than the form: you also have the insider tips.