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Ab Exercises



If you were to run a full diagnostic of how developed each muscle is in your body, how confident are you that the abs would be rank among your strongest muscles? For a lot of people, abs are actually one of the more underdeveloped and weaker muscles. Couple this with the fact that your abs carry a higher amount of fat, and it becomes obvious why it’s easier to see training results in your biceps than your midsection. Ab exercises will help you build the muscle, but as we mentioned in the workout section, the only way to guarantee your abs pop to the fullest potential is to be very lean. That’s one of the main goals of ab exercises anyway, right, to improve tone and definition?

Six Pack Myths

Let’s get one myth out of the way quickly: targeted fat-loss. The reason that bicep workouts may show faster than ab workouts is because there’s inherently less fat store around the bicep than the abdomen. In theory, if all you did was train biceps, you’d start to see your arms get bigger and more defined. The reason you’re seeing this increased size and definition is NOT because exercising the biceps is losing fat. It’s because the size of the muscle is increasing, and there’s naturally lower-fat surrounding the muscle. The main point is that doing workouts will build muscle, but it will not target where you lose fat. The same goes for your abs. Doing ab workouts will help build muscle, and the act of exercising will help lose fat, but by training your core, you are not targeting where the calories are being burned from. Now that we got that out of the way, let’s take a look at some ab exercises.


Dumbbell Ab Exercises

The same philosophy we’ve been using for other body parts also holds true on abs: the more weight you use, the more strength and size you’re going to get. In this case, it means your abs will bulge more. Dumbbells are one of the first places we look if the ultimate goal is low-rep ab exercises. They’re also a great way to modify traditional ab exercises so that you don’t have to do 2 minutes straight of a workout before exhausting you core. Below we list some of the most popular dumbbell ab exercises, which are mainly modifications of bodyweight exercises.


Bodyweight Ab Exercises

This may be the only body part where most of the exercises you know do not involve weights. That makes sense, after all, bodyweight ab exercises are the most popular type of exercises for working-out your core. We can also treat your abs a bit different from the rest of your body. It’s OK to work out your abs every day. In fact, a lot of people actually recommend doing core exercises daily.


Barbell Ab Exercises

One of the benefits to using dumbbells during ab exercises is the ability to add weight to make a workout more challenging. The same goes for barbell ab exercises, although it’s not quite as convenient as using a dumbbell. You can add a barbell to a handful of the traditional ab exercises to make them more difficult: sit-ups, crunches, decline sit-ups, etc… However, there’s one barbell ab exercise in particular that is near impossible to perform with dumbbells. We’re talking about the ab roll-out.