Barbell Ab Exercises

One of the benefits to using dumbbells during ab exercises is the ability to add weight to make a workout more challenging. The same goes for barbell ab exercises, although it’s not quite as convenient as using a dumbbell. You can add a barbell to a handful of the traditional ab exercises to make them more difficult: sit-ups, crunches, decline sit-ups, etc… However, there’s one barbell ab exercise in particular that is near impossible to perform with dumbbells. We’re talking about the ab roll-out.

Barbell Ab-Rollout

This is one of the most popular barbell ab exercises because it’s a complex movement that works the entire core. It’s also incredibly hard. For this exercise, you’re better off using a fixed-weight barbell (with smooth edges), or a standard barbell with round plates. You can perform this exercise in one of two ways – from the knees, or from a standing position. As you could’ve guessed, the standing position is more advanced and more difficult. Try this in the gym: keeping your core tight and back straight, put your arms on the barbell a few inches wider than shoulder-width. Maintain your posture and slowly lean forward letting your arms push out like superman and your body lower to the ground. When your face gets 6 inches from the ground, focus on using your core to bring you back to the starting position. Variations of this can be done using a stability ball.

If you’re looking to incorporate this into a routine, check out Verner’s Bulk Strong program. He loves to incorporate the roll-out to make sure you hit your core enough times during the week. Remember, all programs on Daily Spot update every day.