Bodyweight Ab Exercises

This may be the only body part where most of the exercises you know do not involve weights. That makes sense, after all, bodyweight ab exercises are the most popular type of exercises for working-out your core. We can also treat your abs a bit different from the rest of your body. It’s OK to work out your abs every day. In fact, a lot of people actually recommend doing core exercises daily.

Beginner and Advanced Ab Exercises

There’s a huge variety of ab workouts that you can perform at home. For beginners, the sit-up is a common exercise to start with. For the intermediates, planks work your entire core. For more advanced workouts, leg raises, v-ups, and rollouts can come into play. Isolating your abs is important. It’s also a bit harder of a mind muscle connection. When doing planks, for example, it’s tough to differentiate whether you are completely hitting the abs, or if the abs are getting tired because planks are difficult in general. Below are a few select tips for popular bodyweight ab exercises:

Don’t Strain Your Neck During Sit-Ups – this is pretty self-explanatory, but it’s easy to start pulling on the neck to help assist a sit-up. Instead, gently hold your finger-tips in the back of your neck and focus on using them only for neck support. You can even try holding your arms straight up in the air while doing a sit-up to help improve the mind-muscle connection.

Plank with Your Abs – one way to avoid dropping your stomach (when the plank resembles more of the droopy bridge), is to keep the leg muscles and butt tight. When you tighten your lower body, it will also set the tone to keep your back from collapsing. This helps you maintain your plank.

We’ve highlighted a few bodyweight ab exercises below. If you’re tired of trying to compile your own routine and want to get excited about trying something new every day. Check out Daily Spot. Like all of our programs, the core program updates every single day.