Back Exercises

The back is such a huge muscle. There are 3 key muscles that you train in the back. Each is incredibly important to hit during training. If you spend all of your time training one area of the back, do not be surprised when only that area develops. Focusing on training the lats will not have the roll-over benefits on the rest of the back that you may expect. Instead, it’s important to compile various back exercises into one workout that targets the entire muscle group.

Exercises to Train Your Back

You came here to learn about back exercises. We’ll focus this section on a few that you need to train the key areas of the back. If you’re interested in learning more about the various exercises you can use, take a look at the sections below. In the meantime, the areas we’re going to cover are the lats, middle / upper-back, and traps.
The lats are the muscles that give the ‘V’ look. You train these muscles with a combination of pull-ups, pull-downs and rows. These are the muscles that bulge out when you flex your back; they are the outer muscles. Using a wide-grip for pull-downs will help isolate this part of the back. Similarly, wide-grip pull-ups will do the job as well. You can hit the middle-back and upper back by using wider-grip rows. It’s important to pull the weights all the way back, so make sure to incorporate exercises with a greater range of motion (single-arm dumbbell rows). Finally, the traps. Yes, you could categorize this muscle under shoulders, but there are some exercises that hit the whole back which need to be classified here: deadlifts. Deadlifts are popular as both a back and a leg exercise. It’s because you’re really working your entire body to lift that much weight. Naturally, the traps and the back are involved. Grant offers and entire body series just for the back (it’s that important!). Try your free trial to see his daily workouts. Remember, all workouts update every day.