Bodyweight Back Exercises

Pull-downs for lats and rows for the middle of the back. This is impossible to do at home with no gym equipment, right? RIGHT? Actually, there are some great bodyweight back exercises that you can do at home, on the road, or at the office that hit the same muscles that weights do in the gym. Let’s start with the most obvious: the wide-grip pull-up.

Wide-Grip Pull-up

In the gym, trainers use a combination of wide-grip pull-ups and lat pulldowns. Both of these hit the outer part of the lats. This is where you build the ‘V’. Now, when we’re talking about specific bodyweight back exercises, the wide-grip pull-up is a must. This alone offers a great lat workout. If doing a wide-grip pull-up with your bodyweight is too much, you can modify it placing your feet under the pull-up bar; you can give yourself as much support as you need to finish the pull-up. It’s better to use the support and make sure you nail your lats than to cheat the pull-ups by using other parts of your body.

Bodyweight Underhand Rows and Bodyweight Overhand Rows

Both are possible with a table edge. If you’re looking for more of a lat workout, then opt for the underhand row. For this variation, keep your body straight and lay your head under a table or any object that offers a ledge to hold on to. Grip onto the edge with an underhand grip and, keeping your body straight, pull yourself up toward the table. To hit the upper and middle back, use the overhand rows. You can lay the other direction, legs under the table, and grip the table with an overhand grip. Boom – you can do rows anywhere. Daily Spot has the best back workouts in the game: bodyweight, home gym, full equipment, all programs update every day. Start your one month trial today!