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Bicep Exercises



Bicep exercises show-up all over Daily Spot. Biceps are a popular muscle, they respond well to training, they gain size from strength training and definition from rep training, and there’s minimal fat on the bicep so they are one of the first muscles that shows improvement from training. We’re saying that there’s no surprise that bicep exercises are so popular for all of our users. As you include some of these exercises into your own workout, or follow one of the trainers on Daily Spot who uses them, there are a few things you shoulder keep in mind to help you maximize your results

Isolate your Biceps

Improve your mind/muscle connection and really focus on working your biceps. When you’re doing curls, for example, keep telling yourself to lift only with your biceps. A small trick to help you do this – when performing bicep curls, try concentrating on squeezing the weight with your pinky (instead of your index finger), this will help make sure that you’re not relying too much on the forearms.

Bicep Negatives

Verner, who runs bulk strong, makes sure to highlight that there are two types of muscle contractions. The concentric part and eccentric part. During a bicep curl, the concentric portion is lifting the weight and the eccentric part is lowering the weight. You may think the best way to get more muscle is to keep doing reps on the concentric part, however, the eccentric is just as important. While you lower the weights, your muscle is still feeling the tension. Work on slowing down the eccentric portion and watch your muscles develop more. Try it out on Bulk Strong today!


Barbell Bicep Exercises

These exercises are an absolute staple in any arm workout routine. Barbell Curls, Preach Curls, 21s, all of these barbell bicep exercises can help you get the results that you want. Barbell bicep exercises take out some of the stability that you need when working with dumbbells, so it’s no surprise that people can usually lift more using the bar than dumbbells. You must be mindful to make sure that the extra weight comes only from the additional stability and NOT from using other parts of your body to lift the weight. Don’t start cheating just because you’re using a barbell.


Bodyweight Bicep Exercises

No weights? No problem. No chin-up bar? Err….no problem. Nowhere at all to do a pull-up or curl yourself up? Ok, now we got a problem. When we talk about bodyweight bicep exercises, we’re not going to recommend to put a bunch of weight in two shopping bags and curl it. That’s too hacked together for us to seriously endorse. Instead, we’ll repurpose some of the workouts that you can do in the gym at home. In this case, it comes down to one staple: pull-ups.


Dumbbell Bicep Exercises

There’s a greater range of motion when using dumbbells, and these dumbbell bicep exercises take full advantage of it. Dumbbells allow for you to do a specific lifts that are impossible when using a barbell: concentration curls and cross-body curls for starters. We’ll outline a few dumbbell bicep exercises below and offer some pointers for how to most effectively incorporate them into a routine.