Bodyweight Bicep Exercises

No weights? No problem. No chin-up bar? Err….no problem. Nowhere at all to do a pull-up or curl yourself up? Ok, now we got a problem. When we talk about bodyweight bicep exercises, we’re not going to recommend to put a bunch of weight in two shopping bags and curl it. That’s too hacked together for us to seriously endorse. Instead, we’ll repurpose some of the workouts that you can do in the gym at home. In this case, it comes down to one staple: pull-ups.

How to do pull ups at home

We’re really going to be discussing how to do pull-ups at home without a bar. It’s possible, and even better, there are some alternative bodyweight bicep exercises that do the same thing.

The quick answer to doing a pull up at home is to find a space with an edge that can support your bodyweight. Doors are generally not the best idea because you can pull them straight off of the hinges. Instead, perhaps look for a sturdy rafter or other part of a building structure that’s already there so you can be more confident that it will support your weight. If nothing exists, consider installing a chin-up bar. They’re not too expensive, and they could save you a major expense and headache if your alternative was a door that rips off.

The other alternative that may be easier to do in the house is a reverse bicep curl. All you need for this is the edge of a table. From here, lay on the ground and reach up so you grip the table right above your shoulders. Keeping your body straight, curl yourself up toward the table.

It’s definitely worth considering investing in bands, dumbbells, or a chin-up bar to take your bicep workouts to the next level. If you like the idea of bodyweight exercises, Daily Spot offers various full-body workouts that all update every day. Start improving your workouts today!