Dumbbell Bicep Exercises

There’s a greater range of motion when using dumbbells, and these dumbbell bicep exercises take full advantage of it. Dumbbells allow for you to do a specific lifts that are impossible when using a barbell: concentration curls and cross-body curls for starters. We’ll outline a few dumbbell bicep exercises below and offer some pointers for how to most effectively incorporate them into a routine.

Single-Arm and Cross Body

The beauty of dumbbell workouts is there’s no way for one arm to completely overcompensate for the other. Unlike the barbell, if one of your arms is much stronger than the other, you’re going to learn real quickly. One benefit that becomes the most obvious when you begin dumbbell training with your biceps is the range of motion. Single arm dumbbell preacher curls and concentration curls, these are both exercises that allow you to lower a little further or curl a little higher. A few of our favorite techniques that are available for dumbbells that you can’t do on barbells are cross-body curls and alternating curls. The combination of greater range of motion and additional isolation makes dumbbell bicep exercises a staple in any arms workout.

Bicep Grip

Most of the fitness programs on Daily Spot will, at some point, include dumbbell bicep curls. We mentioned that something as small as squeezing with your pinky instead of your index finger could affect the isolation of your biceps. This highlights the importance of paying attention to grip. Even something as small as keeping your wrists parallel to your body during a curl, versus perpendicular, will alter the targeted part of the bicep. Pay close attention to your trainer’s cues when performing the workouts. Small adjustments can make a big difference!