Dumbbell Chest Exercises

You’ll have to adjust the weight a bit when it comes to dumbbell chest exercises compared to barbell exercises, largely because dumbbells require a bit more stability and have a larger range of motion than the barbell. The lower weight doesn’t make dumbbell chest exercises any less important. They’re absolutely key to every well-rounded workout plan.

Take Full Advantage of Dumbbells

The easiest way see the difference between dumbbell exercises and barbell exercises is with the chest press. It’s the same general motion, pressing the weight straight up over your chest. When performing the exercise, you’ll notice that this added range of motion with dumbbells also means engaging parts of the chest that you don’t get with barbell exercises. For beginners and intermediates who have been spending most of their time with the barbell, take it slow when ramping up your dumbbell presses. Once that’s mastered, you can take the stability and range of one step further by alternating presses. This is something you will see occasionally from the Daily Spot trainers, and it’s a great way to switch up the traditional bench and challenge the muscles.

Chest Flyes

In the exercise overview section we highlighted that most of the chest exercises will be some variation of a press or a fly. Well, it’s impossible to do a fly with a barbell, so that means you’ll rely heavily on dumbbells for this part of you work out. Of course, cable flies are a great workout too, but we aren’t going to cover those yet.

Below are a few dumbbell exercises you’ll find on Daily Spot. Incorporate them into your own workout, or if you’re looking for a great exercise every day, start your trial on Daily Spot.