Leg Exercises

Having proper technique when performing leg exercises is one of the most important things you can do when working-out. This applies to all fitness levels: beginners must make sure form is correct to avoid injury, advanced lifters must make sure form is dialed in because as the weight gets heavier, so does your margin of error for improper form. Legs contain the biggest muscles in the body, and leg workouts are often a staple of any workout plan. Invest the time to perfect your form, and we guarantee it will pay-off in the long run.

Form and Breath are Key

This applies to more than just leg exercises, but it’s incredibly important to put here. Barbell and Dumbbell workouts will likely be where you lift the most weight. This goes for everyone, even if you’re working to do high-reps. Instead of putting a banner on the top of every one of our exercise pages, we’re going to say it here and hope it sticks: form and breath are key. We mentioned above why form is so important – you’ll be pushing your body to move very heavy weight. Now, breath is also going to be key. The simple rule is as you are performing the ‘lift’ part of your exercise, you want to breathe out. As you’re returning to the starting position, inhale. If we’re talking about barbell squats, you want to use a controlled inhale as you squat down. Then, as you raise your body up, exhale. An added benefit to proper breathing is that proper technique can actually help you lift more weight.

Daily Spot programs pull from at least a hundred different leg exercises. Check out Grant’s Body Series: Legs if you’re looking to add strength. Or, Daily Sweat to tone and do more cardio. Remember, each program updates every day! Let’s take a look at some specific exercises.