Barbell Leg Exercises

Here lies the magic to most strength training workouts. Barbell leg exercises will shape your butt, add strength to your glutes, work your quads, engage your core, and the list goes on. These exercises are some of the most important and most frequently used exercises in any great workout routine. We’ll list a few of the most popular leg exercises below. However, it is HIGHLY recommended that if you’ve never done some of the key lifts (squats, deadlifts) that you ask a trainer or expert at the gym to comment on your form. Start with low-weight until you’re confident with your form.

Make Sure to Warm-up

As you begin to add weight, warm-ups will become more important. Squats and deadlifts are two primary barbell leg exercises, and each taxes your central nervous system. To avoid injury, and also help get the most out of your lift, a good warm-up is necessary. Here’s a great example of a warm-up. In Grant’s Body Series: Legs, his routine may include doing squats 5sets x 5reps. To work-up to the weight where you’re only able to do 5 reps, Grant recommends doing roughly 5 warm-up sets. The first at light weight to help you get the form down. The next 2 warm-ups sets should be 3-5 reps of increasing weight to help prepare your body. Then try one rep at the weight that you’re planning to do for the 5x5. Finally, Grant suggests walking out with the bar with weight that is a bit heavier than you’re going to squat. You don’t need to do any reps here, but your body will have the feeling of heavier weight, making your working sets feel much lighter. Grant’s program updates every day with a new leg workout – start your trial today. If you’re looking for examples of barbell leg exercises, take a look at our list below: