Dumbbell Leg Exercises

What’s the main difference between lifting with barbells vs dumbbells? Actually, don’t think too hard, we’ll just tell you. It’s the fact that a barbell is one piece of equipment and dumbbells are two. Might not seem like a huge deal, but it is. In theory, you could probably find a way to tie all dumbbell leg exercises to a barbell leg exercise – squats, for example. However, there’s a ton of value to be realized when you have the added flexibility of working-out with a weight in each hand, versus one bar that lies across your body.

Get Ready to Sweat

This added flexibility opens the door to a lot of workouts that will make you sweat. Dumbbell variations of lunges and step-ups come to mind. These workouts are higher-rep in nature and will require core stability. This combination will absolutely get the heart rate up. It’s not uncommon in a workout to complement the low-rep barbell lifts with high-rep dumbbell reps.

Remember to Start Slow

Dumbbell leg exercises will also include variations of traditional workouts meant to target different leg muscles. For example, the dumbbell lateral lunge, and the dumbbell plie squat. Similar to the barbell squat, it’s important to make sure the form is correct before increasing weight. Don’t be afraid to try these workouts first with just your bodyweight before adding the dumbbells. As you start to do these workouts on Daily Spot, remember the goal is for you to improve yourself, NOT to injure yourself. If you’re looking for the best way to incorporate these into a workout, get on Grant’s Body Series: Legs program ASAP. His program updates every day, so you’ll never have to worry about creating your own leg workouts ever again.

Dumbbell Leg Exercise Examples: