Shoulder Exercises

Quick PSA: shoulder injuries are among the most common injuries people get at the beginning (or well into) their workout career. There are a lot of reasons for this – not enough stretching, improper form, or straining. There are two mistakes you can make to make you more likely to sustain a shoulder injury: improper form and too much weight. There are some things you can do immediately that will help you prevent shoulder injuries such as invest the proper amount of time in stretching and recovery. When you begin these shoulder exercises, especially the ones with weight, remind yourself that this is a long, long journey and there’s not need to over-due it in the beginning. The bottom line is to listen to your body and, more specifically, your shoulders. Stop lifting at the first sign of pain. If you’re already experiencing some pain and came here looking for shoulder exercises to help alleviate pain or stretches to improve flexibility, try out Injury Prevention on Daily Spot. Dr. Doug, a chiropractor, offers daily movements to do at your office. No excuses to ignore your shoulders!

Dumbbell and Barbell Exercises

The major clusters of shoulder exercises are the presses (shoulder, arnold), raises (front, lateral), and shrugs. These exercises hit each part of the shoulder. As you explore workouts using the barbell, dumbbells, or just your bodyweight, remember to focus on isolating your shoulders. View your arms as extensions of your shoulders and focus on pushing and raising only your shoulders. The more you’re able to focus and isolate the shoulders, the more you’ll benefit from the exercises. Take a look at the various exercises to incorporate into your shoulder workouts, or if you’re looking for something already made, try Grant’s Chest and Shoulder program on Daily Spot today.