Barbell Shoulder Exercises

There are primary benefits of shoulder strength which include size, injury prevention, and appearance. Shoulders, like biceps, have [relatively] minimal fat covering up the muscle. This means that your shoulders are one of the first muscles that you’ll notice visual results from after you begin working out. Those are the primary benefits. There are also secondary benefits to performing barbell shoulder exercises. For example, improved control and gains in your other lifts. Your shoulders are present in some capacity in most of your upper body (and some of your lower body) lifts. Increasing shoulder strength will have a noticeable impact on your other upper-body lifts.

Shoulder Exercises for Mass

Barbell shoulder exercises are critical for packing on shoulder mass. The most critical of these exercises is the barbell shoulder press. The use of the barbell instead of dumbbell will allow for you to lift a bit more weight. This doesn’t come without risk. We’ve discussed warning signs before, but the number one rule to abide by when doing shoulder workouts that call for heavy weight is to stop at any sign of pain. On Daily Spot, some routines may include low-rep standing barbell shoulder presses. If at all during the sets you go from feeling 100% to thinking something may have tweaked (or even pushed in a wrong way) then stop what you’re doing and rest your shoulders. One of the biggest mistakes you can make in the gym is performing heavy exercises for mass, injuring yourself, and convincing yourself that it’s OK to keep lifting. Break. Recover. Come back in a few days or weeks after you’re feeling 100%.

Here are some barbell shoulder exercises you’ll see in Daily Spot routines: