Dumbbell Shoulder Exercises

Too much weight and too little stability are the reasons we’ve cited that increase risk of a shoulder injury. Dumbbell shoulder exercises are at the crux of these two because they incorporate weight and require you to have proper form. This is why controlling your shoulders during these exercises is key. The less random movement the better. Dumbbells also add the ability to use alternating shoulder exercises. Here are a few things you can do to help reduce the risk of injury when performing these exercises.

Tip for Proper Shoulder Workout Form

There are small tips that you can use in the gym when performing dumbbell shoulder exercises that will help reduce the risk of your injury. We’ve said that you should be mindful to have the least random movement possible. This can be vague. Let’s look at an example for how to bring this into the gym. When doing any type of shoulder press, press the weight straight up and down. You will see a lot of people in the gym touching the weights together at the top of the press. This isn’t ideal, because it’s an unnatural movement. You don’t gain anything by pushing the heavy weight together at the top of the press. Instead, push the weight straight overhead. Single-arm movements are another common shoulder exercise. There’s even more opportunity to sway your shoulders off the course. Whether alternating shoulder presses or dumbbell front raises keep the weight going straight up-and-down instead of side-to-side.

You can see a list of dumbbell shoulder exercises below. You can learn more about shoulder workouts here, or if you’d prefer to get started doing workouts right now, start your free trial on Daily Spot.