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Tricep Exercises



In our overview of tricep workouts, we discussed that the best workouts hit each of the three parts of the tricep. Part of the tricep responds better to lower-rep strength training. Another part responds better to high-rep strength training. This is important to note as we discuss the various tricep exercises. As you create your own tricep workouts, make sure you’re pulling exercises that hit each part of the tricep. Or, if you want to see a new workout every day, check out our programs on Daily Spot.

Importance of Tricep Muscles

Triceps are the key to adding to your overall arm size. They are the bigger muscle in the arms (bigger than the biceps), and will also be present in a handful of upper-body lifts. Talk about impacting overall strength, your triceps are present in chest presses, shoulder presses, and really any exercise that involves pushing. These all engage the triceps to some degree. Below we cover barbell, dumbbell and bodyweight tricep exercises. Each will lend itself better to a certain goal. Feel free to explore the exercises below and pull inspiration to create your perfect, personalized triceps workout. If you’re unsure which tricep exercises work best for strengthening or toning, or which exercises require more weight and lower reps, Grant’s arm program does a tremendous job incorporating all of these techniques. Remember, the trial is free, so give it a shot to see how Grant uses a range of exercises to hit every part of the tricep. One thing to note, given that we’re only focusing on barbell, dumbbell, and bodyweight tricep exercises, some popular cable exercises will not be listed. Cable exercises are extremely popular for hitting the high-rep part of the triceps. If you’d like to learn more, email us at support [at] dailyspot [dot] co.


Barbell Tricep Exercises

A fundamental part of adding size to your triceps is the low-rep strength training. It’s possible to do the low-rep strength training with dumbbells, but some of the key exercises are the barbell tricep exercises. Close-grip bench press is often used for this purpose. Barbells are very versatile when it comes to tricep workouts. They are great for adding strength and size through the low-rep exercises, and at the same time it’s easy to repurpose barbells to be used for higher-rep exercises: skull-crushers, overhead extensions and beyond.


Dumbbell Tricep Exercises

Take advantage of the fact that dumbbells allow for a much greater range of motion than barbells. It’s not as obvious when doing an exercise like skull crushers. However, there are various other dumbbell tricep exercises that can really hit the tricep that you simply cannot do with a barbell. One of the first that comes to mind is the dumbbell tricep kickback. This is a great exercise for the outer tricep.


Bodyweight Tricep Exercises

Bodyweight is not a limiting factor when it comes to triceps. There’s a wide range of bodyweight tricep exercises that are at your disposal and capable of doing the job. To get the most out of these tricep exercises, make sure you’re fully squeezing your muscles at the extension point of the workout. Focus on tricep isolation through the mind muscle connection so you can feel when your triceps are fully engaged.