Barbell Tricep Exercises

A fundamental part of adding size to your triceps is the low-rep strength training. It’s possible to do the low-rep strength training with dumbbells, but some of the key exercises are the barbell tricep exercises. Close-grip bench press is often used for this purpose. Barbells are very versatile when it comes to tricep workouts. They are great for adding strength and size through the low-rep exercises, and at the same time it’s easy to repurpose barbells to be used for higher-rep exercises: skull-crushers, overhead extensions and beyond.

Tips for Tricep Workouts

Incorporating barbell tricep workouts into your routine can mean heavier weight. This can put pressure on some of the muscles used to support these lifts. It’s important to protect your muscles and joints as you do the exercises. Let’s get right to it:

  • Wrist – close-grip bench calls for a ‘close-grip’. You CAN position your wrists too close. You will feel it. If you start performing these lower-rep presses and your hands are too close together, your wrist will start to hurt. This lift should feel natural; it should never feel like your wrists are a pain-point. If your wrists are hurting too much, widen you grip a bit.
  • Elbows – especially sensitive to barbell tricep exercises like skull crushers, make sure that your elbows are hinged when performing extension workouts. Do not let your elbows move around while you’re extending weight overhead.
  • Grips – if performing extensions with a barbell puts too much pressure on your wrist and elbows, consider switching to an EZ-bar.

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