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Bodyweight Tricep Exercises



Bodyweight is not a limiting factor when it comes to triceps. There’s a wide range of bodyweight tricep exercises that are at your disposal and capable of doing the job. To get the most out of these tricep exercises, make sure you’re fully squeezing your muscles at the extension point of the workout. Focus on tricep isolation through the mind muscle connection so you can feel when your triceps are fully engaged.

Bodyweight Tricep Workouts

In no way are bodyweight workouts inferior to tricep workouts that you can do in the gym. Of course it’s fun to tie the bodyweight tricep exercises to the exercises you’d perform with weights. Some key exercises we’re looking to substitute are the close-grip bench press (lower-rep, inner-tricep exercises), barbell or dumbbell extensions (higher-rep, outter-tricep exercises), and kickback + dips (upper tricep exercises). Let’s start with the last one here:

Tricep Dips

Whether using bodyweight for high-rep or adding weight for low-rep, dips are a favorite tricep exercise for trainers to include in their arm workouts. Dips is the easiest of the listed exercises to perform at home because once you find the right space, you can perform the exact same exercise you would in the gym. For dips, try using a chair to put your hands on. You can rest your feet on the floor, or you can put them onto another chair for a harder workout.


Chest Presses

The presses can be done naturally using bodyweight as well. It’s usually best achieved through some variety of push-ups. Close-grip and diamond push-ups are both great alternatives to try at home. While it’s tough to substitute a bodyweight exercise for low-rep presses, these push-up variations will still give a great pump.


Extensions will take a little bit of practice to get right, but you can perform these in your home without any weight as well. Try doing a bodyweight extension in your home by leaning your weight onto a table, almost in the reverse position of doing a skull-crusher. Concentrate on isolating your triceps and push yourself up.


Barbell Tricep Exercises

A fundamental part of adding size to your triceps is the low-rep strength training. It’s possible to do the low-rep strength training with dumbbells, but some of the key exercises are the barbell tricep exercises. Close-grip bench press is often used for this purpose. Barbells are very versatile when it comes to tricep workouts. They are great for adding strength and size through the low-rep exercises, and at the same time it’s easy to repurpose barbells to be used for higher-rep exercises: skull-crushers, overhead extensions and beyond.


Dumbbell Tricep Exercises

Take advantage of the fact that dumbbells allow for a much greater range of motion than barbells. It’s not as obvious when doing an exercise like skull crushers. However, there are various other dumbbell tricep exercises that can really hit the tricep that you simply cannot do with a barbell. One of the first that comes to mind is the dumbbell tricep kickback. This is a great exercise for the outer tricep.