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A Sweaty Reviewer's Top 3 Studios



I’m Lindsey, founder of I like to think I’m somewhat of a fitness class connoisseur. Time is precious, and when you only have an hour to spare to get a workout in, it better be worth it. Here’s part 1 of a list of my top 3 studios and what makes them so worth the time and money. Coming in at number 3: Barry's Bootcamp.

What is "Barry's"?

Barry’s Bootcamp is a staple in most major cities and has a cult like following. All the class really is, is a row of treadmills and a row of benches on the floor. The class structure is broken up into intervals, where 1 half of the class starts on the treadmill and the other half starts on the floor. Every X minutes the groups switch. If that is all the class is, why is it so wildly popular? Simply, the branding, but more importantly the instructors

The Barry's Feel

The rooms are dark with a red tint and you feel like you’ve been teleported to a club with fitness equipment. Who wouldn’t want to exercise in a club? Definitely makes it more fun. Every day the schedule changes, Monday could be leg day, Tuesday could be abs day, etc. Just another thing to keep you on your toes.

Amenities and People

This gym has everything you need: showers with great products, unlimited towels, and a smoothie bar. Barry’s is a cult; if you join the movement you’ll have a friend group for life.


All of this comes with a huge price tag. Barry's is NOT cheap, in fact I’m going to let you look up the price and have sticker shock privately. If you want to try a workout for free, check out one of the Daily Spot workouts below. These will get you moving to a great playlist.


Chicago's Best Workout Studio

Studio Three is a gym goer’s utopia, and that’s not an overstatement. It has my three favorite workouts under one roof:


RANKED: The 2nd Best Studio

If you’re anything like me you think you need to leave a workout class drenched in sweat to know you ‘killed it’. I used to think low impact classes were a ‘waste of time’. I thought I needed to row 1000 meters, run uphill on an incline of 15, or slam a 25 lb slam ball to get a workout in that felt worth it. One studio changed all of that and I now call it the ‘Silent Killer’.