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Chicago's Best Workout Studio



Studio Three is a gym goer’s utopia, and that’s not an overstatement. It has my three favorite workouts under one roof:

The Big 3 Offerings

Studio Three offers *premier* classes in the following: Yoga - Classes range from hot yoga with weights to basic yoga flow. Spin - A dark room full of Peloton bikes and loud music, there is even a lights technician that basically transforms the room into a club. Need more water? Drop a towel? Need different weights? Just raise your hand and someone will be over in 1 second to help you! Interval - a class consisting of treadmills, weights, and row machines. There are constant transitions to keep you on your toes and your heart rate elevated.

Community and Schedule

I have never felt so ‘at home’ at a studio. The instructors, front desk people, and the help staff are all so friendly and know most people by name. It’s like the show Cheers (am I aging myself?)… The classes start at 5:45am in the morning and run until 8pm at night. The three studios have classes running simultaneously, so you can always take the class you want, whenever you want!


This gym has everything, all I need is a bed and I could move in: Showers with great products, unlimited towels, free matts and spin shoes, and a smoothie bar (shout out to Graze!).


Monthly Unlimited to all three studios: $240, Monthly Unlimited to Spin: $195, Monthly Unlimited to Interval: $175, Monthly Unlimited to Yoga: $150, Drop in: $28 This studio is only Located in Chicago, so if you don’t live here, move here. You can check out studio 3 using the link below. I'm sure you'll love it as much as I do.


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