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Dave's Killer Bread



Bread is one of the first things to cross off your list when creating a diet plan, right? Bread, sugar, alcohol – these have to be the top 3 because nothing else comes to mind close to as fast.

Leave It to Bodybuilders

When your life revolves around hitting macros day-in and day-out, at some point, you’re going to CRAVE bread. Crossing bread out for a week is different than for the rest of your life. The macro-conscious fitness junkies constantly had their eyes peeled for a trusty bread. Enter Dave.

Ex-Con Turned Bread Maker

After spending 15 years in prison, Dave Dahl transformed from a convict to entrepreneur. He started selling his bread at local farmer’s markets and quickly became the crowd favorite. It became clear right away – Dave could make a killer bread.

[Health] Nut Bread

Not only did Dave’s product taste great, but it also solved a huge problem with bread. Creating bread from the most whole ingredients, Dave was able to pack protein, fiber, and omega-3s all into a single slice of bread. In a 120 calorie slice of bread, you can get 20% of your fiber and 5-8g of protein. This bread really is healthy.

Give It a Try

Dave’s is well-known and well-promoted in the trainer and bodybuilder communities. Find out for yourself why people no longer view Bread as a macro killer, but as a daily staple.


Fridge-Stocking like a Bodybuilder

Success in the gym usually comes down to two things- who's putting more effort into their workouts and who's getting more of their diet from whole, nutrient dense, real foods? You've got the workouts at your fingertips so its up to you to kill it in the gym. This article serves as a handy starting point for the right foods to stock your fridge.