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First Health Movie Review EVER



2018’s off to a strong start, and I know it’ll be filled with a lot of firsts. Here’s a first: a health movie review. Fasten your seatbelts, I’m about to review a WILDLY popular health movie.

What The Health?

If you’re obsessed with nutrition, I’d bet my last dollar that you’ve heard of the new buzz-worthy health documentary “What the Health”. The documentary follows this guy, Kip, on his journey to unveil the health industry’s deepest darkest secrets, while trying to get us to sing “Kumbaya” with veganism. Here’s everything to consider before watching.

The Story

So, “What the Health” is this even about?! Kip’s overall message was very clear; the plant-based way is the best way. He backs this up by bringing in nutritionists, talking about pollution in the animal industry, and recording the results of people with chronic diseases who switch to a plant-based diet. This is also a story of manipulation and deceit. Kip exposes the entire health industry and uncovers the lies that have been told to us for years. All I can say after watching this is…. Mind. Blown.

The Controversy

This movie had me hooked, so I started researching it a bit more. That’s when I learned about the conspiracies surrounding it. Scientists started refuting some of Kip’s facts, calling the documentary a fluke. Kip made insane statements like ‘eating an egg is the same as smoking five cigarettes’. It's too bad he exaggerated like this, because it brings down the credibility of his overall message.

The Conclusion

There were a lot of haters out there and I took everything into account when forming my opinion. So should you watch it? Well, if you want to learn more about veganism or are intrigued by shady health industry practices, you should definitely watch this. On the other hand, if you’re tired of hearing your friends tell you why being vegan is so awesome, you can probably skip this one. Happy viewing!



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