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One health movie review wasn’t enough! Your favorite health nut is back to give you the 411 on another popular one, “FED UP”. Like “What the Health”, this documentary is filled with lies and manipulation from the health industry, but focuses on sugar, obesity, and the endangerment of children. Intrigued? Stick around, this documentary is more eye-opening than the first.

The Message

The message of this documentary is crystal clear; obesity is an epidemic and sugar is the culprit. The health industry is its accomplice and hides extra sugar in everything. Even “healthy” foods like salad dressing. Two words: “fat-free”. They draw us in like bees to honey. BUT, what isn’t advertised is that no fat means more sugar. The film also claims that during the period when fitness memberships doubled, so did obesity. WHAT? Looks like dumbbells can’t crush this epidemic.

The Most Eye-Opening Takeaway

Obesity is now endangering our children. Until recently, childhood diabetes was unheard of. Now, the amount of children living with this disease could fill the entire Cowboys stadium… twice. What’s worse is that schools enable this. We meet a few children in the film living with obesity and hear their stories’. With tears in their eyes they don’t understand how pizza and fries are considered a vegetable in their school lunches.

Should You Watch It?

Overall, this film really brings the heat. They even brought Bill Clinton on as an advocate. So, is it worth your time? If you want to learn the secrets behind one of America’s biggest epidemics, grab the popcorn. On the other hand, if you see pizza as a vegetable too, go ahead and just turn on the game.


First Health Movie Review EVER

2018’s off to a strong start, and I know it’ll be filled with a lot of firsts. Here’s a first: a health movie review. Fasten your seatbelts, I’m about to review a WILDLY popular health movie.