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Peloton or Fly Anywhere by Flywheel



There are a lot of spin studios out there, but at the core they are all ‘the same’. The all have spin bikes, spin shoes, loud music, etc... How does one studio set themselves apart from the rest? In my opinion, it all comes down to the bikes, the technology, and the motivation. Here is my breakdown:

Peloton Bikes vs Flywheel Bikes

Peloton bikes have a modern look, with a sleek touch screen on the front of every bike. There is a cradle for one set of weights at the back and room for 2 water bottles up front. All aspects of the bike are adjustable to make your ride as comfortable as possible. There are also special Peloton shoes required for the bike, but don’t worry, they are provided by the studio! Flywheel bikes are considerably less fancy than a Peloton bike. These bikes don’t have an interactive screen display and only have room for 1 water bottle. However, they do have space for 2 sets of weights, which allows a user to grab both if they want to increase intensity. Similar to Peloton bikes, Flywheel bikes are fully adjustable and need special shoes which are also provided by the studio.

Flywheel vs Peloton Technology

Peloton bikes touch screen graphically displays each rider’s cadence, resistance, and power. There is also a leaderboard and countdown clock that you can choose to hide at any time. I appreciate the ability to show or hide the leaderboard and the clock as all riders are motivated by different things. Some are motivated by beating other riders (so they stare at the leaderboard), some are motivating by watching the clock tick down (ME!), and others prefer to hide it all and just ride! Similar to Peloton, Flywheel has a ‘tech pack’ that displays each rider’s resistance, cadence, and power. The main difference is the ‘tech pack’ is a tiny ‘box’ on the side of the bike. It doesn’t show you the time left in class (which we are always dying to know) or the class rankings (this is only displayed on a communal screen when the instructor chooses to display it). Overall, the Flywheel technology is outdated and cumbersome. One main asset that Peloton has that Flywheel doesn’t, is the ability to buy a Peloton bike and video into a LIVE class from the comfort of your own home! Miss a live class? Don’t worry; you can video into any pre-recorded class 24/7. You can choose from any music genre to the class length that works for you. There is a leader board that shows people from around the world (YES WORLD) taking the same class as you. This is the prefect option for those of us with tight or odd schedules or who have little kids at home. One of these bad boys runs ~$2000. I’ve personally used one before and it was so awesome and worth the price. You will quickly get your money’s worth if you are anything like me!

Peloton Motivation

Both Peloton and Flywheel record and track your metrics which can be reviewed at any time on the company’s websites. This is great for those of us who are trying to track progress and set goals. You can even follow your friend’s stats if you want to get extra competitive! At the end of the day, the studios cost about the same so it is up to you to decide what aspects will keep you coming back. I’m team Peloton. Maybe it’s because I’m super into technology or maybe it’s because I’m a control freak, but I love the flexibility to view data or hide data based on my mood. Some days it’s nice to hide the clock and the leaderboard and just enjoy. That said, if you want an audio workout for $2000 LESS than each of these bikes, we've got you covered. Check out Cycle with Sarah for cycling workouts that update daily.