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RANKED: The 2nd Best Studio



If you’re anything like me you think you need to leave a workout class drenched in sweat to know you ‘killed it’. I used to think low impact classes were a ‘waste of time’. I thought I needed to row 1000 meters, run uphill on an incline of 15, or slam a 25 lb slam ball to get a workout in that felt worth it. One studio changed all of that and I now call it the ‘Silent Killer’.

Studio Lagree

What is Lagree?: Lagree is a Pilate’s class on a Reformer machine – which honestly looks like a scary contraption that was used to punish people back in the 1800’s (ie: ‘Silent Killer’). The class consists of a series of movements on the Reformer that uses your own body weight and the ‘pulsing’ technique to make you feel the burn. It is said that this class meets all of the elements of physical Fitness, which are defined by the following five basic foundations: Cardiorespiratory Endurance, Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance, Body Composition, and Flexibility. I work out every day, sometimes twice a day, and I never feel sorer than a day after Lagree.

Club Aspects

Lagree has a strong following and if you go a few times a week you start to see familiar faces. Lagree has a standard schedule that you can see on their site. There aren't many amenities at Lagree, at least not at the River North location in Chicago, but they do give you free towels, hair ties, and gum. The price is expensive, and you're really only getting the workout. Lagree actually doesn’t offer Memberships, they only offer class packages. For pricing, checkout your local Lagree studio at A drop in class in Chicago is $35.

Now What

If you can't find a class to take today, check out Daily Sweat with Sarah Pelc. This program focuses on core, but you WILL be sweating by the end.


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