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Beginner's Guide to Fitness Classes



When I first started attending class at boutique fitness studios, I didn’t really know what to expect. Would the class be too difficult for me? What items did I need to bring with me to class? It can be daunting to head to a new studio, so I’ve prepared a list of things to do before your first class at a new studio.


Head to the studios website to see what amenities they offer. Going to a class before work? If so, and you plan to shower after class, does the studio have showers and towels? More importantly enough showers to ensure you aren’t waiting 30 minutes? Does the studio have decent toiletries? Nothing worse than getting in the shower and having to use a ‘one size fits all’


What does the studio offer that is complimentary? Water, towels, yoga mats, and spin shoes are the main items to look for when researching. Plan accordingly so you don’t get hit with unforeseen charges. Boutique fitness classes are expensive enough as it is no need to add $10 on top of the $30 class you are already paying for!


If you are new to the fitness scene or trying out a completely new kind of class, look for a beginner level class before taking the plunge to the more advanced classes. If the studio doesn’t offer that, show up ~15 minutes before class, introduce yourself to the instructor and let them know your ‘fitness fears’. It is totally OK to take a Barry’s Bootcamp class and not run at 12.0 when the instructor tells you to. Do what you can; eventually you will be a pro.


Injured? Tell your instructor! They are more than happy to come up with modifications to ensure your work out is safe. Afraid to ask? Do your own modifications! I always change it up if my body just doesn’t feel right doing the exercise given.


Ask around before you try a new studio. I love getting instructor and class recommendations from friends or even the internet. Ensure you are getting advice from someone who is the same (or similar) fitness level as you to manage expectations. has some awesome reviews!

Go For It!

Never be afraid to try something new. Changing up your workout is the best way to keep your body on its toes (no pun intended) and helping you see the change you wish to see! Just make sure you do your research and come prepared to class. Happy sweating!


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