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Best Healthy Snacks for Work



The work day can be long and grueling and somedays it feels as if I am chained to my desk. It has become vital to my workday to have healthy snacks handy so I don’t get too hangry while working on my Excel spreadsheets. The following snacks are great, non-perishable, options to keep in your desk drawer. They also don’t require a refrigerator or microwave!


An average serving size of almonds contains ~24 nuts which equates to ~160 calories, not to mention tons of protein, vitamin E, copper, and magnesium. Buy a big bag of these for your desk and whenever you need to munch on something, open the bag and pour a portion sized amount on a napkin. Trust me when I say this, don’t trust yourself with the entire bag! Pour out 1 serving size and putthe bag away!

Dried Fruit

Treating yourself to some dried fruit in the middle of the day can enhance your fiber and nutrient intake as well as supply your body with large amounts of antioxidants. The only down side to this sweet snack is that it can be high in sugar and calories. The best dried fruit options are prunes and figs, try to stick to half a cup.

Freeze Dried Fruit

Freeze dried fruit is also a great healthy snack option; some even believe it is healthier than dried fruit as most dried fruit has added sugars and preservatives to keep it fresh. Freeze dried fruit is similar to dried fruit because it has been dehydrated, but the texture is crunchy instead of smooth. If you are in need of a good crunch in the middle of the day, I would recommend opting for freeze dried fruit. Strawberry is my favorite!

Dark Chocolate

In need of something sweet around 3pm like I am? Dark chocolate chips can be the answer! A small handful of dark chocolate chips can keep you going all afternoon and is much less calories than buying a cookie at a local fast food restaurant (yes I know those Potbelly oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are like heaven in your mouth!).

Mix it all together

You can even create your own trail mix by combining all the heathy snacks above into a container. Pour a cup of the mixture into small plastic Ziploc bags and voila you have an instant yummy snack filled with enough protein, vitamins, and sweetness to keep you going all afternoon!

Need a Quick Boost?

Another great way to raise energy is a quick workout. You can try workouts FREE on Daily Spot!


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