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Gym Workout Fitness Tips



Grant runs some of the most popular training programs on Daily Spot. When asked about small adjustments that could majorly improve workouts, he opened up about his tips. Here are some of Grant's key adjustments to get more out of your life:

Rock Your Biceps

When doing dumbbell curls, try squeezing the dumbbell hardest with your pinky finger to get more bicep stimulation.

Minor Chin Adjustments

While performing lifts with a heavy glute emphasis (hip thrust, dead lift, back extension, etc…) keep your head and neck in a neutral position by tucking the chin (like you’re making a ‘double chin’). This keeps the cervical spine following its natural curvature. Do not throw the head backward, as this can cause neck injuries. This neutral head position will also allow the glutes to fire better.

Engage Your Back During Bench

For chest presses, lock in your lats to give yourself a more stable base to press from, while also protecting from shoulder injury. Think “put your shoulder blades in your back pockets” to activate this part of your back during the press. Keep in mind, you should maintain a small space between your low back and the bench.

Mind-Muscle Connection

While performing rows or pulldowns, think of your elbows pulling the weight and not your forearms. This will help achieve greater activation of the lats and rhomboids and create less post workout forearm tightness.

Concentrate on Your Muscles

To build the most muscle, focus 100% of your concentration on the muscles working rather than just trying to complete the movement.

Get to Work!

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