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Breakdown 4 Celeb Transformations



These transformations should prove 1 thing: superheroes are not born with their physique. They develop it. They transform their bodies. Here are 3 of our favorite Transformations.

Chris Pratt - Guardians

To prepare for Guardians of the Galaxy, Chris Pratt had to turn 60 lbs of fat into muscle. SIXTY! There's hope for us all! Immediately, Pratt cleaned up his diet. We wrote about Whole 30, but that would be a great place to start. He then started hitting the gym daily. His transformation was not luck - he used two things that every person is capable of: hard work and discipline.


Chris Hemsworth – Thor

It took 4 months for hemsworth to transform from his skinny frame in Rush to comic book superhero Thor. He trained and ate like a bodybuilder. Almost every food he used during his transformation can be found in our article ‘Stock Your Fridge like a Bodybuilder’. When you’re working out at 100%, you want to make sure you’re eating to accelerate your goals. When your nutrition is dialed in, you want to turn that fuel into results. Hemsworth credits circuits, full body lifts, and kettlebells to his transformation. Grant uses all of these in his workouts.


Chris Evans – Captain American

Evans training was based on heavy weight – low-rep sets of classic lifts. He didn’t rely too much on cardio, and instead kept his physique top-notch with nutrition. He trained on a full-body straight set program like Hollywood Transformation. He took in roughly 2 grams of protein for every KG of bodyweight.


Bottom Line - Nutrition and Lifting

You can go into detail about every one of these diets. One thing is true about all of these: diet + lifting = results. We give an entire nutrition guide away for free at When you're ready to ramp-up your training for a REAL transformation, try Grant's Hollywood Transformation. The program updates every single day, and guarantees results.


OVERVIEW: Hollywood Transformation

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