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Expert Tips for Dieting



These are our best tips for shredding fat as quickly as possible. You can implement these changes NOW.

Clean-Up Your Drinks Immediately

The first and easiest sacrifice you can make to hitting your macros is to stop drinking your calories. You will not believe how much easier your transformation gets when you replace soda with WATER. You’ll learn very quickly that sugary drinks are worthless. Drinking your calories through sugary drinks wrecks your progress. This means goodbye soda, frappuccino’s, juices, sports drinks…the list goes on. You’re on a flexible diet now, which means you CAN drink these drinks, but by drinking high-sugar and highly-caloric drinks, you’re doing yourself a MAJOR disservice.

Hydrating the Macro-Friendly Way

Get in the habit of drinking water. If you need carbonation, then soda water is fine. If you’re addicted to soda and NEED something sugary, opt for a diet soda. The best thing you can drink is water. Once you start drinking water and feeling better, you’re not even going to miss the sugary beverages. Of course, you can also have coffee (with cream or a bit of sugar). This is not about making you go crazy with rules, but it’s to show you how much better you feel when you’re hydrating your body properly. For your macros, you can have chicken breast with a piece of fruit and a vegetable OR you can drink a small coke and eat a chicken breast. It doesn’t matter how addicted you are to soda, the second option is worse. When you track your calories you will learn how unnecessary sugary beverages are.

Make Your Body Feel GREAT by Drinking Water

You probably haven’t measured your water intake recently. Proper hydration is a key to unlocking your best performance. It’s simple to measure your water. Starting today, get into the habit of drinking 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water per day. That's your minimum. Add an additional 8 ounces of water per cup of coffee you drink, alcoholic beverage, or any other diuretic type of beverage (energy drinks, tea, etc). If you weight 150 pounds, starting drinking AT LEAST 75 ounces of water each day. If you drank coffee that morning, you need to hit 83 ounces of water. We are going to repeat this message until you see it for yourself: proper hydration makes your body feel better.

Do I need to Stop Drinking Alcohol?

No. You can drink in moderation. Drinking is carbs, so keep that in mind during the days that you’re planning to have a beer. You’re never going to see your best body until you stop binge drinking. This is your diet plan, so you can take this as seriously as you want. You can still make OK progress hitting your macros all week and drinking on the weekend, but you’re not going to achieve your ultimate body until you limit your alcohol intake.

Get All Of Your Sugar Naturally

You can expand the sugar rule beyond beverages and apply it to everything. When you start looking around, you’ll realize that added sugar is everywhere. Added sugar is NOT the ‘good carbs’. Your goal is to start using food so you feel better. When you give yourself the right nutrients and water, you feel unstoppable. This carries over into your training, sleep, and overall mood. When you start eating healthy, you’ll eventually get to the point where you feel too good eating the right foods you won’t even want to eat the bad stuff. Here’s a great rule for your macros: stay clear of simple carbohydrates and load-up on complex carbohydrates . One helpful tip for you to identify simple carbohydrates is that they will include added sugar. Stay away from products with added sugar. This rule will push you away from chips and processed foods and encourage you to eat REAL fruits and vegetables. Try this for 1 week and you will not go back. You may feel fatigued as your body adjusts to this REAL food you’re using to fuel it, but then you’re going to get a TON of energy. You’re going to feel amazing, and as an added benefit, you’re going to start looking your best as well.


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