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Health Trends Worth Trying



The hardest step in a health journey is to start. So, congrats! You’re already through the hardest part. It’s crucial to find small changes and habits you will stick to. I’ve experimented with many “health trends” over the years that I’ve found online, in magazines, and listening to celebrities. Some went great, some didn’t (*cough cough* apple cider vinegar). I’ll introduce you to the ones actually worth trying.

Lemon Water

So refreshing. Not only does it taste good (which makes you drink more water), but it’s good for your body too. It gets your digestion going in the mornings, improves skin quality, and even freshens your breath. I drink lemon water every morning and have never felt better. I prefer mine warm, but cold gives the same benefits! There’s a reason it’s used by so many, it works.


Activated Charcoal

The ULTIMATE detox. It’s the newest health trend out there, and it’s coming in hot. I first saw it on my friend’s Instagram story and started my research. I found out from Glamour even Kim K uses it, so it has to be legit. Once ingested, the charcoal (supposedly) acts like a magnet and pulls all toxins from your body. I’ll be honest, I was terrified to try this. Once I did, I was less bloated and felt like the Energizer bunny. It also prevents hangovers… bring it on NYE.

activated charcoal.png

Coconut Oil

What do you think of when you smell coconuts? It takes me to my happy place, the beach. Adding coconut oil to my daily regime lets me go to my happy place EVERY day. It’s in my shampoo, in my lotion, and I always put a tablespoon in my favorite chocolate protein shake. I even use it on my dog; she gives it 2 paws up! Coconut oil is such a versatile health trend and is definitely worth the try. These are the three easiest (and actually worth it) “health trends” I’ve been able to incorporate into my life. Trends form into habits, and habits become a lifestyle. Take them or leave them, but they could be fun to pick up next time you’re at Whole Foods.



No Dairy, No Problem!

Think about the last 3 times you ate. Ready for this? Each of those meals or snacks probably had dairy in them. I mean I picked up a rice cracker the other day and the box said it contained milk. What?!!? I didn’t realize how dairy was literally EVERYWHERE until I cut it out of my diet. Dairy was always a part of my starting lineup. At least it was until I learned that it was a hidden culprit behind a lot of health issues.