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Best Gyms and Fitness Studios in NYC



NYC has the most premier shops, restaurants, and entertainment in the world. It’s no surprise that it’s also home to some of the best fitness studios in the country. It’s common for trends to be born in NYC and the expand across the country. Cycling, boxing, bootcamps, dance, a lot of the premier studios from these industries started in NYC. Here’s our list of the top studios to check out in NYC right now

305 Fitness

305 Fitness is a self-defined ‘Miami rave-inspired dance studio”. With live DJs and the trending hashtag #makesweatsexy, you might think you need some rhythm before coming to class. But you don't need to be a dancer, or even have danced in any capacity in the past, to join in. The owner herself is the first to admit that she doesn't have technical training, "just a soul and a big goofy smile when I dance." She adds, "I'm not a dancer. I just like to move. I created this workout for someone just like me. No technique required”. As you can expect from a place with such an encouraging creator, the vibe is very welcoming and judgement-free. Oh, and you can burn 900 calories per class. Yes please!


Barry’s Bootcamp

There is no surprise that Barry’s Bootcamp is on this list. The original high-intensity workout states that it’s not a fitness trend, is science. And they can say this with authority because they have 20 years of amazing before and after testimonials to back it up. The top-of-the-line equipment, amazing instructors, and feel of the red-lit room gives you all the motivation needed to burn up to 1000 calories a session. Each class is different. You will never have the same routine and never get bored. Barry’s Original class is a mix of running and weights, but we love that they have a Double Floor class as well, a no treadmill option for the days that you can’t run, or just don’t want to.



Base is the premier health and fitness club in Jersey City. With over 80 group fitness classes each week, including yoga, spinning, interval training, and barre, plus the latest strength, cardio and functional training equipment, Base has everything you look for in a top tier gym membership. Not to mention some of their unique features, like on-site childcare and free 2-hour indoor parking. Add luxury perks like a day spa and fully loaded locker rooms, with lemon water, saunas, and steam rooms, all designed with an interior that rivals a boutique hotel. It’s not just a gym membership, its a lifestyle change.

Brooklyn Boulders

Brooklyn Boulders is one of the first and biggest climbing gyms in the NYC area. Housed inside a converted truck garage off Third Avenue in Gowanus, Brooklyn Boulders offers 22,000 square feet of climbing surface plus yoga, acroyoga, slacklining and other fitness workshops. But what IS bouldering? The idea of bouldering is simple: climb up a wall on a specifically designed path using core and grip strength to hold you on the wall, while your legs move you towards the end of the route. Even if you make it only 10 feet, you’ll notice a full-body workout like no other (imagine feeling sore in muscles you didn’t even know you had). And if you want some help getting the hang of it, Brooklyn Boulders has a dedicated training area with private instructors. Check out the space and see why bouldering is becoming so popular in NYC, thanks in big part to this place.


BYKlyn Cycle

No judgments, no fancy clothes and a service-oriented staff who takes the time to know your name before they fit you for a bike. Sounds lovely, right? If you aren’t already charmed by BYKlyn Cycle’s casual and community-oriented vibe, then get ready for both a killer workout and a warmed heart, because BYKlyn GIVES BACK. Part of BYKlyn's mission is to support Brooklyn-based people and charities. BYKlyn hosts all-donation charity rides and events, with 100% of proceeds going to cause. Oh, and did we mention they have some of the most reasonable prices for a spin studio? We heart you BYKlyn Cycle.


Chalk Gyms

Chalk is a favorite over-all gym for the Williamsburg crowd, but not just for its convenient location (2 blocks from the L train!). They promise no hidden fees gym… ever. There’s never any initiation, termination, or maintenance fees and they offer a variety of flexible commitment options. Plus, they provide over 60 FREE classes each week, including yoga, cycling, Barre-based, and bootcamp-style options. They believe payment should be hassle-free and music should be highly motivational, so you can get the best workout possible. And when you need a chill space, their sauna is waiting.


Rowing classes have gained popularity in the New York City fitness scene for the past few years, and for good reason. Rowing provides a high-intensity, low-impact, full-body workout. What sets CityRow apart from other row-focused studios is their programing, equipment and instructors. At CityRow, you’re not constricted to the machine for the full 50 minutes; the rowing intervals are interspersed with complementary sculpting mat work. And the machines are state of the art water rowers that give you a more realistic (and challenging!) rowing experience. Plus, the high-energy instructors are always focused on form, which makes it ideal for newcomers as well as the regular crew. This chic studio also hosts special Rooftop Row sessions, where the class moves to the roof and the views are insane.


Cyc Fitness

Beat-based cycling studio with a dance party vibe. Sound familiar? Well, at Cyc, you get the coveted heart-pumping, high-energy, well-choreographed class at the affordable price of $22 per ride. Cyc Fitness doesn’t take itself too seriously, doesn’t foster a competitive atmosphere and doesn’t charge for shoe rentals. Their Cycolologists (gotta love that title, right?), are upbeat because they love what we do, and their enthusiasm is contagious. Cyc believes that boutique indoor cycling should be accessible to everyone, not just a select wealthy crew. We couldn’t agree more!


Flywheel Sports

If you know indoor cycling, you know Flywheel. They offer the well-known high-intensity, interval-based cycling, but they up the activity with some casual competition. Each bike comes with a proprietary Torqboard that allows you to see your real-time stats, like resistance, RPMs, and total workload. Mounted computer screens behind the instructor allow cyclists (using nicknames) to compete against each other, although you can opt out of transmitting your stats if you’re more into self-competition. What we love about FlyWheel is that each spinning studio is set up in three spacious tiers so there’s truly no bad bike in the house. Plus you can keep track of all your performance stats via your account on their website and mobile app. Your first class is only $15!


Ludlow Fitness

Ludlow Fitness is a neighborhood gym with great prices, clean and modern equipment, and awesomely extended hours. Located at the northeast corner of Ludlow and Delancey (with expansive views of lower Manhattan from their treadmill area) and open 24 hours most of the week days, this spot provides ample opportunity for its members to feel the burn. The gym’s dedicated personal trainers, personal entertainment cardio equipment, and a variety of group classes (spinning, yoga, pilates, zumba, and boxing), further the burn factor. And all this for $49/month? In NYC? Wowza.

Mile High Run Club

It’s tough to believe a studio can make treadmill workouts endurable, let alone enjoyable, but Mile High Run Club does just this. With dim neon-lit studios, pumping music, and seriously high-end equipment you power through 15, 45 or 60 minute treadmill workouts focused on speed work, form, and incline variations. The extremely knowledgeable instructors give you a range to work within, so you can customize the intensity of each interval. They also coach you through the tough bits, explaining minute form adjustments or telling funny running stories, so the miles fly by. To round out each run, the class finishes with a 10 minute strength training session. We never thought pounding the pavement could be so addicting.



If you’re living in New York City, you’ve likely seen a fair share of New York Sport Clubs. They're everywhere. And for good reasons, including exceptional facilities and superb customer service. Their latest venture, NYSC LAB, is no different in these regards. NYSC Lab provides a more boutique gym feel and offers innovative fitness programming including partnerships with your favorite boutique brands like Cyc, The Stoked House, and BFX. The Chelsea location (at 555 6th Avenue) has a cutting edge sound system, upscale amenities and high-end finishes to create a luxurious experience. Added perk: your membership can include access to some of those New York Sport Clubs you’ve been passing by as well.



Have you heard about the Peloton Bike? Have you ever wanted to get a crazy good cycling workout without leaving your living room? These bikes are insanely cool. Through a 22” HD touch-screen mounted to the handlebars, this stationary bike streams daily live cycling classes from their NYC studio directly into your home. The hype people get from these at-home rides is real. Now image you can be in the center of it all. At Peloton’s flagship Chelsea studio, you can experience the rush of studio cycling taught by elite instructors, filmed live, and broadcast to thousands of fellow riders worldwide. They encourage you to be a part of something bigger, every time you ride. We’re super amped about this!

Pop Physique

Pop Physique fuses exercise, ballet technique, music, style, and art into one killer fitness class. Heavily inspired by the mood and atmosphere of trendy LA, Pop Physique looks to bring a charismatic and audacious approach to barre class here in NYC. They have 3 locations (Bowery, Nomad, and UES) and are offering 30 days of unlimited classes for newbies for $150.


Soma Williamsburg

Soma Health Club is an independently owned fitness facility in South Williamsburg. The gym prides itself on its people - top-notch customer service reps and experienced personal trainers. Plus their facilities are brightly lit and state of the art. They offer a plethora of group fitness programs, including yoga, barre, spin, TRX and MMA (yep, they have a badass boxing room). To top it all off, Soma boasts a steam room, hand-crafted sauna and massage services. Yes please to all this!



SoulCycle has been hyped for years and has amassed an enormous cult following… for good reason. The 45-minute indoor cycling class features high-intensity cardio, muscle-sculpting strength training, and rhythm-based choreography. But what sets this spin studio apart from the rest is its cultivation of the total mind-body experience. The classes are buzzing, the playlists are always on point, the instructors are motivational, and the candlelight somehow adds to the high energy. It’s an experience. If you’ve yet to try out the magic, get your first 3 classes for $75.


SWERVE Fitness

SWERVE is a new approach to the spin class - indoor cycling meets team competition. Each class is split into three teams (lit up by their respective colors), which compete for first place based on total RPMs, watts and resistance. Each bike has its own mini computer, which displays all of your individual information, and the team score is displayed on two large TVs at the front of the room. The team dynamic keeps you motivated, supported, and accountable, without ever singling you out. New rider deal: buy one class, get one free.


The Monster Cycle

VICE called Monster Cycle “the Goth Spin-off of SoulCycle” and we’d have to agree, It’s a trendy spin studio with high-energy instructors and 45-minute ass-kicking cycling sessions. But what sets Monster Cycle apart is that they embrace all types of music styles, with specials rides like Metal Monday, Goth Pop, and Trap Week. Oh, and the rides are all done in darkness, with only glitchy music videos playing on the walls for light. Despite its popularity, riders say the studio is unpretentious and inclusive. With class names like Kendrick Lamar and #TBT Gwen x Eve, you can get hyped up for class well before you get to class.


Uplift Studios

Uplift is a women-only fitness studio created to provide a space for “strong” women to inspire and connect with each other. The team offers signature group fitness classes (with names like Strength, Power, Endurance, and Sculpt) and specialized personal training, as well as a female society grounded in their unique social community. Uplift’s mission is to empower women in all aspects of their lives, in physical fitness/wellness and beyond. Like they’re catchy merchandise says: Strong Women UPLIFT Each Other.


Work Train Fight

This place may be our new best workout buddy. The facilities are insanely motivating, the instructors make you feel like your workout actually matters, and the owners are reeeally funny. Just pursue their website’s FAQ section. Here’s a tidbit: DO YOU HAVE SHOWERS AND TOWEL SERVICE? Yes & Yes. We are located in a bougie part of NYC, we need to make sure you look sexy AF when you leave this place, we don’t want you running into your ex looking disheveled. This boxing gym has character, with the facilities, classes and trainers to appeal to newbies and gym rats and everyone in between.



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