Nutrition For Your Best Body

You’ve seen the nutrition books and advertisements. You’ve spent hours looking online. You want the one rule to get a lean and chiseled physique. We give our members this nutrition guide because you already have exactly what you need to get your best body: self-control. Point system diets, intermittent fasting, fad diets, these all try to make self-control easy. The best diet is the one you maintain. The best diet is the one you control.

You're going to learn a lot in this guide.

In this guide you’re going to learn EXACTLY what to eat while you’re training on Daily Spot. You’re never going to buy another diet book again, because we’ll give you everything you need to control your diet. For example, this is the best protein powder for hitting macros.

How to pack on lean muscle

You may not believe us, so we're going to say it again: you already have everything you need to build you best body. This is why you get this guide for free: we're not telling you any trade secrets here. You're going to learn exactly how to diet to build your leanest and most shredded physique. It will be completely up to you to take advantage. One major misconception is that you need to wait for a specific date to start making progress. That is FALSE. You can improve your nutrition starting with your next meal. In the next sections you'll get the specifics for what to eat to get your best body

The Get Ripped Diet

Now that you're committed to eating for your best body, we only ask that you do one thing. Take a picture of yourself today, and weigh yourself tomorrow morning. Then, you're not going to think about your weight again. This guide is GUARANTEED to help you lose weight and build your best body, so instead of focusing on the scale, let's focus on enjoying the process. The pictures will come in handy so that you can watch how fast you get ripped using the combination of clean eating and Daily Spot. You'll also learn that there is no secret to being absolutely shredded. It's about having the right information and following it. Now you have it!

Further Your Understanding of Nutrition:

Calorie Counting

Calorie counting is essential to understanding anything from the next segments. This section provides an overview of calorie counting, as well as the tools that you can use to do it effectively. No prior knowledge is necessary, and this is the PERFECT place to start if you’re getting serious about improving your nutrition. From point systems to MyFitnessPal you’ll be armed with ever critical piece of information to change your life forever.


This section will teach you everything you need to know about the following diets to understand whether they're the best option for your needs: Ketogenic Diet, Intermittent Fasting, Weight Loss Diet, and Lean Muscle Bulking Diet.

You'll also learn about tricks for helping your diets. However, if you're more interested in flexible dieting, visit the section below.


Superfoods are foods that will help you hit your macros. You’ll learn in the diets section that each diet is a loose framework for macronutrients. When you begin tracking your macros you’ll fully appreciate the benefits of superfoods. This section is perfect for you as you begin exploring what foods are most helpful for your dieting goals. Make sure you take a look at our superfood page first!

Nutrition Supplements

In addition to superfoods, Nutrition Supplements are a key way to help you hit your macros. There are dozens of nutrition supplements available to help you do everything from gain lean muscle to lose weight. Given that you’re working out so hard on Daily Spot, it’s possible you’ll need supplements to help achieve your macros. After you review diets and superfoods, take a look at supplements to find the right ones for you.