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No Gut(s), No Glory



Feeling bloated? Sluggish? Not yourself? Instead of grabbing another cup of coffee or ignoring it, try looking on the inside…

What’s a Gut?

Long story short, the gut is another word for the digestive system. It’s filled with billions of tiny bacteria. Bacteria isn’t usually a good thing, but when it comes to your gut, it’s the best thing. Your gut is the captain of your ship and it’s like your second brain. Seriously, your gut and brain are bff’s; they are constantly sending messages to each other.

Why is it important?

Gut health is the newest trend in the health world. Once people realized it was the “behind-the-scenes” guy in charge of overall wellbeing, the concept of gut health took off. It’s important for many reasons: mental health, immunity, metabolism, skin conditions; the list goes on and on. Most diseases start in the gut, which makes it super important to keep it in tip top shape!

Expensive Shortcut

Try swapping your soda addiction for kombucha instead! The fermented, bubbly drink sent from heaven. Kombucha contains good bacteria that blocks harmful bacteria from growing. Probiotics are also a great way to get your daily dose of good gut bacteria. They’re capsules filled with millions of the bacteria your gut craves. The most effective time to take a probiotic is in the AM right before breakfast.

The Free Way

If you’re not in the market to drop your next pay check on gut health, there’s a free way too. It’s simple: cut out processed crap and eat real food. Whole foods have fiber which feed the good bacteria instead of refined sugar which starves them. Eat more (healthy) fat. Healthy fats promote top of the line bacteria. I top my morning oatmeal with nuts/seeds and my gut always thanks me. Happy gut = Happy life


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No Dairy, No Problem!

Think about the last 3 times you ate. Ready for this? Each of those meals or snacks probably had dairy in them. I mean I picked up a rice cracker the other day and the box said it contained milk. What?!!? I didn’t realize how dairy was literally EVERYWHERE until I cut it out of my diet. Dairy was always a part of my starting lineup. At least it was until I learned that it was a hidden culprit behind a lot of health issues.