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Whole 30 Review


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Whole30 is a diet that has taken the nation by storm. There must be a reason it's become so popular!

The More-Than-a-Fad Diet

Diet crazes come and go, but this one’s here to stay. If you’ve heard anything about the Whole30 diet, you know that it isn’t your average fast-track to loosing weight diet. It’s a relatively new elimination diet that focuses on decreasing inflammation and having a positive impact on your overall health.


Benefits Keep Dieters Coming Back

Of the long list of health benefits that Whole30 claims, a few of the reasons why it is so successful are; longer and more sound nights of sleep, more consistent and natural energy through out your days, and better digestive health. In fact, physicians prescribe this type of diet to anyone suffering from any of those symptoms.

Getting Started is Easy

The diet restricts you to 30 days of eating only “real food”. This means cutting out foods that might be having a negative impact on your health without even knowing it like sugar (real or artificial), grains, dairy, junk foods or baked goods, legumes, foods high in MSG, sulfates ,or carrageenan, and the obvious; alcohol. This restricts you to vegetables, fruits, unprocessed meats, eggs, seafood, coffee, and nuts; the real stuff.


The Timeline to Tiger Blood

While promoting a variety of health benefits, eliminating the no-go’s isn’t quite as easy done as it is said. Like every successful diet, this one has a timeline of what your body will go through and how you will feel throughout the duration of the plan and the Whole 30 website even includes an explanation on how you will feel day-by-day. The sugar hangover, the days you’re so hangry that you feel possessed, the tired phase, the frustration of not seeing immediate results, the days when you would quite literally kill someone for a slice of cake…or cheese, or anything, and finally…the tiger blood!


I'm Sorry for My Juice Cleanse

The best way to summarize how I felt on a juice cleanse would be...