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Ezekiel bread



Ezekiel bread is one of the most popular breads on the market right now as people find different products that fit their diets. Below we'll go over what ezekiel bread is, where to buy ezekiel bread, and the differences between sprouted bread and other breads in the store.

What is Ezekiel Bread?

At its simplest definition, ezekiel bread is bread that had been allowed to 'sprout' before they're used to create the flour in breads. In wheat bread, for example, the grains are harvested BEFORE they sprout and then combined with other ingredients to make bread. Ezekiel bread contains sprouts of things like wheat and barley. The idea is that letting the grains sprout offers more vitamins when turned into bread.

People Love Sprouted Grains

One of the main reasons that people are drawn to sprouted grains is because they contain no added sugar. There are a variety of popular diets right now - some that eliminate gluten, some that eliminate sugar. While ezekiel bread contains gluten, it does NOT contain any added sugars. Couple that with added vitamins like fiber, B1 thiamine, phosphorous, magnesium and niacin, and you realize that letting grains sprout actually does nutritionally separate sprout bread from others in the aisle.

All of the Benefits, Little Difference in Taste

One of the main concerns people would have when switching to ezekiel bread is the taste. However, various taste studies have been done where people end up preferring sprouted grains to whole wheat. The texture is a bit grainier, and the bread may taste a bit dryer, but overall, there's minimal difference in the taste between sprouted bread and wheat bread.

Where to Buy Ezekiel Bread

You can find ezekiel bread, as well as other sprouted breads at Costco. You can also find ezekiel bread at Whole Foods, and many of the organic markets. When you're in the aisle, look for the ezekiel bread packaging, or, if you're interested in other brands, ask someone who works in the store to point out the 'Sprouted Breads'. Pick these up today and enjoy a quick win in your daily routine!


Dave's Killer Bread

Bread is one of the first things to cross off your list when creating a diet plan, right? Bread, sugar, alcohol – these have to be the top 3 because nothing else comes to mind close to as fast.