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Free Nutrition Guide Overview



Your goal is to carve the leanest, strongest, and most defined muscles you can. Nutrition is IMPERATIVE for your sculpted muscle tone. Nutrition determines how much fat hides your muscles AND how quickly you can pack on lean muscle mass.

Nutrition is Your Best Friend

There are strong guys at your gym, but how many of them are ripped? This is because their bodyfat is simply too high to show their muscles. This is such a waste! If you’ve already done the work to develop your muscles, why not SEE them? Aesthetics is only one benefit of your fitness, but it’s a hell of a benefit at that. This chart is posted everywhere online (for source credit, please email) and shows an example of different bodyfats. You’ll notice that most celebrities seem to fall between the 8%-11% bodyfat range. You will get to this range. Your muscles will look just as shredded when you do. You have the self-control and time to do this. Having a low bodyfat percentage only looks good when you have the muscles to show off. You want to develop a body that will last. Instead of crash-diets and 14-day pump-up workouts, you’re going to lay the foundation for your body brick by brick. A general rule is you should ONLY aim to lose 1-2 pounds per week.



How to Lose Body Fat

It’s astounding that people PAY for point system diets. Point systems take something that SEEMS complicated (tracking calories) and make it easier to track. Honestly, maybe this was helpful in the 90s before you had the calories of every food at your fingertips. You can now even scan barcodes into your fitness tracker.