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Common Scents: SoulCycle's Grapefruit Smell


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Soul's Aroma Sticks with You

When it comes to business tactics, SoulCycle stumbled onto a very successful marketing approach. It’s called scent marketing, and it’s when a brand connects with customers through a sense that is often overlooked: smell. A consistent smell associated with a brand can expand the recognition of the brand and reach customers on more sensual level. This results in a more memorable and imprinted experience. If you’ve taken a SoulCycle class, you know the grapefruit aroma sticks with you after you leave.


Grapefruits Special Powers

We had to know: why grapefruit? The smell is alluring, but there may be a deeper reason for why it’s the scent of choice. Citrusy scents tend to reduce anxiety and increase energy within the body. Grapefruit, in particular, has proven to stimulate the immune system, curb sugar cravings, enhances memory, and create an uplifting effect. You can see why this works nicely with high-intensity cardio!

DIY Scents and Sweats

Create your own aroma and check out Cycling with Sarah. See how closely you can replicate this strategy in your own home!


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