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It’s been proven over and over again that working out and exercise can offer very significant benefits to one’s health. The benefits are both physical and psychological, making workouts a crucial part of wellness and a high priority at Daily Spot. There can be a lot of ambiguity when it comes to discussing fitness and working out. We’ll address these here before getting into more specifics. Let’s start with the most basic question:

What’s the difference between a ‘workout’ and an ‘exercise’

The difference between the two really comes down to where you look and who you ask, but we’re going to keep things simple: an exercise is used to describe a single activity, whereas a workout is a used to describe a routine. To put it simply, a workout is a collection of exercises. In fact, you may have heard of the Spartan Workout.

What is the Spartan Workout?

The Spartan Workout and other types of celebrity workouts have become hugely popular over the years. The most common misconception is that just by doing a celeb’s workout, you’ll achieve the same results as the movie star. In reality, there’s a lot that the celebrities are doing outside of the gym that contribute to the results. These well-known routines aren’t bad, but they aren’t necessarily good either. You need a workout routine built for YOU and your goals.

What workouts will get rid of stomach fat?

These types of questions get asked all the time, and there’s never a perfect answer. Remember, when it comes down to it, a workout is just a mix of different exercises – so an ‘ab workout’ is a combination of different ab exercises. That said, some routines work much better for specific goals than others. In case you had a specific body part in mind, take a look at our resources below:


Treadmill Workouts

There’s no workout type that’s gained more popularity over the last few years than treadmill workouts. We’re not talking about just running on the treadmill, but also adding cues and music. Barry’s bootcamp and Equinox both offer classes that are specifically designed to incorporate a treadmill. At Daily Spot, we rely treadmill workouts to make cardio more fun. With a little bit of guidance and some killer tracks, you can take running on the treadmill from something you dread to something that you look forward to at the gym.


Back Workouts

When working out your front, we talk about chest. More specifically, we talk upper-chest and chest, abs, obliques, etc... On your back, we talk about…well… it’s just ‘back’. Don’t let this fool you. Your back is not less important. No, no, no. It’s quite the opposite actually. Back workouts are key to well-balanced strength training. Here’s an example: if you neglect your back but continue strengthening your chest, eventually your chest will get so much stronger that your shoulders begin to hunch forward. You can find various other examples like this that show how important back strength is to well-balanced strength training and development. Good back workouts will develop all areas of the back including ones responsible for the desired ‘V’ shape. Get stronger, look fitter, and keep coming back for more.


Ab Workouts

Let’s be honest: most people who work out have some level of desire for defined abs. Whether it’s a six-pack, or just a flat and toned stomach, abs are always somewhere in the back of our mind. There’s some good and bad news about this. First, the good news: doing ab workouts will have benefits beyond just toning your abs. The bad news is, in order to see the six-pack, you’ll need to 1) have the ab muscles and 2) get your body fat down to a low enough percentage that the muscles are visible. We’re talking low teens.


Shoulder Workouts

Deltoids and rotator cuffs are generally the first two muscles that come to mind when we think about our shoulders. The former a way to showcase your muscles, the latter something people reserve talking about until there’s an issue: ‘I tore my rotator cuff’. The shoulders aren’t as big as you quads or lats, but that doesn’t make them any less important. Your shoulders are used in so many daily activities that it’s in your best interest to protect them. One of the best ways to protect the shoulders and prevent injuries is by doing shoulder workouts.


Leg Workouts

If you muster the courage to approach the biggest guy (or girl) at your gym and ask for their secret to gaining strength – they will mention leg workouts. Go ahead, test us - ask them. If they don’t say it, then bring it up and watch them slowly realize they answered your question wrong. In terms of working out, there’s a little saying amongst die-hards: ‘Leg Days are Sacred’


Cycling Workouts

One of the major conveniences of treadmill workouts that you don’t get with cycling workouts (which we also refer to as spin workouts), is that the units are not necessarily the same. Of course, units can be different on treadmill workouts, but for cycling workouts, you could be dealing with a broad range of bikes and, ultimately, measurements of resistance. One way we deal with this at Daily Spot is to use the tempo of the music to help cue resistance (“make it hard to hold this beat”). Of course, this workout is ultimately to benefit you, so when in doubt opt for the harder resistance. One thing to keep in mind if you’re on a traditional spin bike: as you warm-up, set your resistance to the lowest point because workouts will generally build up from the lowest resistance.


Tricep Workouts

Your triceps are comprised of three different muscles: lateral head, medial head, and long head. The ‘tri’ in tricep comes from the fact that there are these three muscles. In order to create an effective tricep workout, you’ll want to make use of exercises that target each of these three muscles. While most tricep workouts will exercise each tricep muscle in some capacity, it’s better practice to combine different exercises that target specific muscle areas.


Bicep Workouts

Nothing says you’ve been hitting the gym more than a shirt that fits too tight in the sleeves. You’ve seen that person before, maybe it’s your friend, who starts their workout with so many curls you think they stole their routine from Ron Burgundy in Anchorman. Maybe that works for them, but on Daily Spot we aim to give you some more diverse bicep workouts.


Chest Workouts

Puff up your chest and get ready because we’re going to cover a lot of ground. The first thing to understand before discussing chest workouts is the chest muscle. Well, the collection of chest muscles. Once you cover the basics of the chest muscles, we can quickly identify chest exercises that will target them. Before starting, you should note that chest workouts needs to be counter-balanced with back workouts. Make sure you’re not overworking your chest and neglecting your back, otherwise your shoulders will start to curve in. Save your posture: balance your training.