Ab Workouts

Let’s be honest: most people who work out have some level of desire for defined abs. Whether it’s a six-pack, or just a flat and toned stomach, abs are always somewhere in the back of our mind. There’s some good and bad news about this. First, the good news: doing ab workouts will have benefits beyond just toning your abs. The bad news is, in order to see the six-pack, you’ll need to 1) have the ab muscles and 2) get your body fat down to a low enough percentage that the muscles are visible. We’re talking low teens.

Types of Ab Muscles

As with the other body parts, it’s important for you to work every area of your abs. There are exercises for your abdominals (right in the middle of your stomach) and exercises that target your obliques, which are the sides of your stomach. Some ab workouts will hit both parts of your abs, however, the most valuable core workouts will hit every part of your core.

Benefits of Core Workouts

Planks are one of the most popular and well-known core workouts. The beauty of a core workout is that it targets your entire mid-section. Your ‘core’ contains your abs, but it also includes your lower back and your hips. This is why core workouts become so important – as you can already imagine how much you engage your abs, lower-back, and hips in other workouts. For example, think about the motion when you squat. The goal of the squat is to keep your core tight and use your legs to squat the weight. With a weak core, you take on an added risk of instability in your midsection. When you begin squatting significant weight, this risk increases. Anyway, we’re digressing. Take a look at some of our core workouts below.

Take a look a more in-depth look at Ab Workouts below: