Ab Workouts at Home

Out of all body parts, ab workouts at home will most closely resemble the ab workouts you’d do in the gym. There are dozens and dozens of various ab workouts that can all be done in your apartment or bedroom and provide a great core workout. Given the ease of doing ab workouts at home, there’s no excuse to skip a day. Try getting into a routine of doing a few minutes of planks right when you wake-up in the morning. Or, perhaps you warm-up before you go to the gym with a round of crunches. Whatever the case, the core is too important to neglect, so we’ll need to do our best to at least work out our core a few times a week.

Examples of Core Workouts at Home

These are going to be very simple, straight-forward workouts that you may have already seen before. Perhaps it’s just reassurance that you’re not missing any major ab workout discovery that’s happened over the last few months. You can read articles from any health publication, website, or blog, and most will advise to train your core using a few of these exercises. For today, we’ll focus on one type of exercise variations: the plank. The form of your plank is absolutely key. Spend the extra time making sure your form is dialed in before adding any of these variations.

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Example plank workout (repeat this sequence twice with a one minute break between sets):

  • Plank – 1 minute
  • Plank with Alternating Arm Extensions – 1 minute
  • Side-Plank – 1 minute per side