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Ab Workouts For Women



Don’t fall for the branding (we’re on to you Kayla). Instagrammers and fitness celebs love to talk about why their ab workouts for women deliver even BETTER results than anywhere else. Well, I’m sorry to say that’s just not true. Most of these ab workouts are very similar to one another. After all, the key to getting the tone and definition that you want is making sure you work out your core (easy) and then getting your body fat percentage low enough that the fat no longer covers up the results (harder). We’ll expose some of the most used ab workouts from these instagrammers, and now when you see their routines first-hand, you’ll know they’re just pulling from the same variety and putting their own spin on it.

Ab Workout Routines

The same variety of a few exercises will create most of the ab workouts for women that you see on the web. The variety of exercises pulls from: planks, crunches, leg-raises, side-twists, and roll-outs. That’s it. Think about all of the workout routines that you’ve seen, and almost all of the exercises will be some variety of what we just mentioned. Here’s an example of a 10-minute core exercise you can do with the exercises we just named: Plank with arm raise – 3 sets x 1 minute Alternating Bicycle Crunches (kicking your leg all the way out) – 3 sets x 1 minute V – Ups – 3 sets x 20 reps There’s no magic to working out your core. However, there is a benefit to making sure you hit each area of your core, as well as understand the way to eat in order to reduce your body fat percentage so your abs become visible. Follow Daily Core on Daily Spot to see a new core workout every day. Nutritional programs are included. If you’re ready to start toning your midsection, we’ll show you the way.


Ab Workouts at Home

Out of all body parts, ab workouts at home will most closely resemble the ab workouts you’d do in the gym. There are dozens and dozens of various ab workouts that can all be done in your apartment or bedroom and provide a great core workout. Given the ease of doing ab workouts at home, there’s no excuse to skip a day. Try getting into a routine of doing a few minutes of planks right when you wake-up in the morning. Or, perhaps you warm-up before you go to the gym with a round of crunches. Whatever the case, the core is too important to neglect, so we’ll need to do our best to at least work out our core a few times a week.


Ab Workouts For Men

One thing we recommend is to try to get into the habit of doing a few core exercises every day. Whereas for a large body part where you’re lifting weight, like your legs, you need to have adequate rest days between your workouts, when discussing ab workouts for men or women, you’re able to perform exercises daily. On Daily Spot, we recommend Sarah’s Daily Core program, as it uses a mix of core, abdominal, oblique, and even full-body workouts to safely work your entire core every day. The best part is that you only need to work out your core for 10 minutes a day to get the benefits. It also helps to be mindful of engaging your core during your other lifts as well.