Back Workouts

When working out your front, we talk about chest. More specifically, we talk upper-chest and chest, abs, obliques, etc... On your back, we talk about…well… it’s just ‘back’. Don’t let this fool you. Your back is not less important. No, no, no. It’s quite the opposite actually. Back workouts are key to well-balanced strength training. Here’s an example: if you neglect your back but continue strengthening your chest, eventually your chest will get so much stronger that your shoulders begin to hunch forward. You can find various other examples like this that show how important back strength is to well-balanced strength training and development. Good back workouts will develop all areas of the back including ones responsible for the desired ‘V’ shape. Get stronger, look fitter, and keep coming back for more.

Workouts for Strength and Width

At the end of the last paragraph we mentioned that some back exercises will help you get the desired ‘V’ shape. A theme for a lot of body part workouts is to combine both exercises that are good for strength and exercises that are good for tone and definition. In this case, some back exercises specialize in widening your back, while some back exercises make your back stronger and thicker. For example, wide-grip pull-ups will develop your lats and give you that ‘v’ look, while rows will target your rhomboids and make the middle of your back stronger. While ‘widening’ and ‘thickening’ are typically not the most attractive words to use in fitness, you’ll quickly see that complete back workouts result in desirable definition and improve overall posture.

Read more about more specific workouts below. If you came here looking for a routine, check out Grant’s Back program on Daily Spot. Daily Spot offers a new back routine every day created by our expert trainers.