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Back Workouts For Men



We mentioned on the back workouts overview that back workouts for men will likely include some variations of pull-ups and rows. There are many ways to do pull-ups and rows, and each will target a different part of your back. In order to get a complete back workout, you’ll want to touch on all the major areas of the back. We go into more detail about which exercises target which part of the back on the back exercise pages.

Benefits of Workouts

When describing the benefits of back workouts, one of the reasons we mentioned was to balance all of the work being done on the chest. The back works similarly: you want to develop all muscles of the back at the same time and not overdo it on one muscle. The back workouts for men on Daily Spot make sure that all of the major parts of the back are being addressed. Take a look at an example below.

Back Workout Exercise Examples

In this section, we’ll give an example of Daily Spot’s back workout for men. This was created by a Daily Spot expert Grant Weaver. Pay close attention to the details of each exercise. Something as small as a change in grip is incredibly important. An underhand grip targets a different part of your back than an overhand grip.

Back Workouts for Men on Daily Spot

Try Grant’s program free for the first month on Daily Spot. See a new routine every day (with pictures and instructions), record your workouts, track your progress, get results fast. Grant’s Body Series: Back ‘Today's workout will superset vertical pulling movements with horizontal pulling movements. This will be more of a "pump" day so stay lighter with the weights. Superset exercises and use the timer as a rest guide.’ Seated Cable Row – 4setsx6-8reps. Move immediately to Cable-Bar Pulldown. Cable-Bar Pulldown – 4setsx10-12reps Rest for 2mins before repeating superset. Single-Arm Bench-Assisted Dumbbell Row - 4setsx6-8reps. Move immediately to Cable-Bar Pulldown with V-Grip. Cable-Bar Pulldown with V-Grip - 4setsx10-12reps. Rest for 2mins before repeating superset. Standing Straight-Arm Pulldown - 3setsx12-15reps. Move immediately to Barbell Shrug. Barbell Shrug - 3setsx8-10reps. Rest for 2mins before repeating superset.


Back Workouts For Women

The buzz words that men are looking for aren’t going to have the same effect here: V cut, lats, broadness. That’s the beauty of exercises, a lot of them can be repurposed to meet an individual’s goals. In this case, we highlight some areas that are important to cover when compiling back workouts for women. Your needs are different, and these routines should reflect that.


Back Workouts at Home

If you have the equipment to do bicep workouts at home, then you have the equipment to do back workouts at home. For bicep workouts, we talked about the importance of chin-ups and curls. All it takes is a few variations of these exercises in one workout, and you’re armed with a routine that will surely workout your biceps. When discussing back workouts at home, the same mindset can be applied, but we need to make a few adjustments. Firstly, we’ll need to do pull-ups instead of chin-ups. Secondly, we’ll need to find a way to do rows. When you find a way to do pull-ups and rows in your house or apartment, you’ll be able to get a great back workout at home.