Back Workouts For Women

The buzz words that men are looking for aren’t going to have the same effect here: V cut, lats, broadness. That’s the beauty of exercises, a lot of them can be repurposed to meet an individual’s goals. In this case, we highlight some areas that are important to cover when compiling back workouts for women. Your needs are different, and these routines should reflect that.

Workouts for Lower Back

Lower back is not a gender-specific problem. It affects everybody. According to the Oxford Journal, 97% of back pain may be due to musculoskeletal issues. There are so many factors that may contribute to these musculoskeletal issues, from bad posture to genetics. We’ve discussed how strengthening the back is key to balance out all the activity happening in front, and the same goes for preventing lower back pain. Think about the features of the female body that the spine must support that men don’t have to worry about. Breasts and pregnancy quickly come to mind. Experts estimate that somewhere between 25% and 90% of women encounter some degree of lower back pain during pregnancy. Strengthening and toning your back (and lower back) can not only improve posture, but also put you in a better position to prevent lower back pain. This is taken into account when crafting the perfect back workouts for women. A few examples of lower back exercises that you may see in Daily Spot’s back workouts include back extensions, deadlifts, super[wo]mans.

Benefits of Back Workouts

Back workouts for women are not solely focused on preventing lower back pain. That is merely one feature and benefit that we’ve discussed. Back workouts also offer the traditional benefits you’d expect when working out - improvement in strength, tone, and posture.

If you’re interested in working out your back, try Sarah Pelc’s Daily Sweat workout. Her workouts consist of tough circuits that get you sweating, help you lengthen and tone, and most importantly, help you get all of these extra back benefits! Remember, all programs on Daily Spot update every day. Happy improving!