Bicep Workouts

Nothing says you’ve been hitting the gym more than a shirt that fits too tight in the sleeves. You’ve seen that person before, maybe it’s your friend, who starts their workout with so many curls you think they stole their routine from Ron Burgundy in Anchorman. Maybe that works for them, but on Daily Spot we aim to give you some more diverse bicep workouts.

How to Increase Bicep Size

Let’s get the first few disclaimers out of the way early – like everything in fitness, there will be a lot of factors OUTSIDE of the gym that contribute to how quickly your biceps gain size and definition. Nutrition, recovery, and the type of bicep workouts are in your control, but genetics is out of your hands.

If the end-goal is growing your biceps, there are an infinite amount of paths to get there. It’s common for trainers and professionals to create arm workouts that include not only your biceps, but also your back or your triceps. An example of the logic here is that when you’re working out your back, you will also be engaging your biceps – it’s a 2-for-1.

Daily Spot’s bicep workouts all update every day, but no matter which day you tune-in to one of the programs, it’s likely you’ll have to do some of the ‘usual suspects’. These are: curls (dumbbell, barbell) and chin-ups. You see variations of these frequently because they’re proven to work.

Important Tips

Grant ‘raging biceps’ Weaver runs Daily Spots ‘Body Series: Arms’ program and has some great tips to keep in mind for when you’re doing the routine in the gym:

  1. When executing dumbbell curls, try squeezing the dumbbell hardest with your pinky finger to get more biceps stimulation, or try squeezing hardest with the thumb and pointer finger for more forearm stimulation.
  2. If your main goal is building bicep definition rather than pure strength, try and focus 100% of your concentration on the biceps working rather than just trying to complete the movement. If your goal is to simply move more weight, take the opposite advice.