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Bicep Workouts For Men



You’ll see it over and over on our site and across the interwebs, but the arms are one of the first muscles to show progress after you start training them. We’re talking just weeks before you start to see results with your biceps. One great way to track your results is to measure your biceps before you start training. That way, after you’ve spent a few weeks doing Daily Spot’s bicep workouts for men, you can see concrete evidence of the progress that you’re making. Keep in mind, if you’re doing this, it’s best to measure before you eat or lift, as that could impact the results. We recommend in the morning before breakfast.

Key Bicep Exercises

When creating bicep workouts for men, trainers consistently rely on a few key ‘clusters’ of exercises. For example, curls and chin-ups. These are two tried and true workouts that get the job done – they can be used to build strength, or they can be used to tone. It’s careful to note the subtle differences in the bicep exercises used in a routine. Small things like how you grip a dumbbell, position your hands on a barbell, or use overhand/underhand grip on a pull-up bar will greatly vary the target muscles of the workout. Pay close attention to the routines because a ‘reverse grip barbell curl’ works muscles differently than a ‘barbell curl’.

Bicep Workouts for Men on Daily Spot

We got great arm workouts that update every day. The beauty of following one of our trainers is that they vary everything for you – sometimes within one workout, sometimes over a few different works. We know you’re looking for it so here’s a quick example:

Grant’s Body Series: Arms

‘Today's workout will be a heavy bicep day with lighter tricep exercises. Perform the exercises as supersets’ • Chin-up - 4x6-8 (can use added weight). Move immediately to Triceps. • Cable-Rope Tricep Pushdown – 4setsx15-20reps. Rest for 1 minutes between doing chin-ups again. • Single-Arm Dumbbell Preacher Curl – 4setsx12-15reps. Move immediately to exercise below. • Single-Arm Incline Dumbbell Tricep Extension – 4setsx12-15reps. Rest for 1 minutes between doing curls again. • Standing EZ-Bar Reverse Curl – 4setsx6-8reps. Move immediately to Bench-Assisted Dips. • Bench-Assisted Dip – 4setsx20reps. Rest for 1 minute and repeat Standing EZ-Bar Reverse Curl.


Bicep Workouts at Home

There are two themes that a lot of trainers rely on to give you great bicep workouts: curls and chin-ups. Of course, there are DOZENS of bicep workouts at home that don’t include chin-ups or curls, but when it comes down to it, you can put together a lot of workouts playing around with variations of these two exercises. Let’s talk about a few small purchases you can make that will greatly enhance your training your biceps at home.


Bicep Workouts for Women

Instant anxiety when you read something that says bicep workouts for women. Already, the gut reaction is probably something like ‘not for me, I’m not trying to be the female version of Schwarzenegger.’ Well, let’s rid you of that myth immediately – there’s no way in heck that doing curls in these workout routines will turn you into a bodybuilder. We also know that’s not your goal. Tell us if we’re getting warmer: your goal is to find a bicep workout routine that will help you tone your arms. If that’s the case, we recommend a mix of low reps and heavy weights and high reps with low weight.