Bicep Workouts for Women

Instant anxiety when you read something that says bicep workouts for women. Already, the gut reaction is probably something like ‘not for me, I’m not trying to be the female version of Schwarzenegger.’ Well, let’s rid you of that myth immediately – there’s no way in heck that doing curls in these workout routines will turn you into a bodybuilder. We also know that’s not your goal. Tell us if we’re getting warmer: your goal is to find a bicep workout routine that will help you tone your arms. If that’s the case, we recommend a mix of low reps and heavy weights and high reps with low weight.

High Reps and Modifications

We’ve mentioned this on other bicep pages, but it’s worth repeating here: biceps are one of the first muscles that show visible improvement after training. Now, we’re assuming that the primary goal of bicep workouts for women is to tone your arms instead of adding strength and size. A popular way to accomplish this is to do high-reps with lower weight. When we say higher reps, we mean at least 12 reps, but even as many as 15-20. To get this many reps, it may require you to do some modifications. For example, if a trainer on Daily Spot recommends that you do 10-12 chin-ups, well, that may sound like a bit much, especially for someone not doing chin-ups consistently. Instead of doing ½ or 1 chin-up, try using the chin-up assistant. Or, if that’s not available at the gym, go ahead and put a bench underneath the chin-up bar and give yourself as much assistance pulling-up as you need. One of the beauties of bicep workouts is that small modifications can turn low-rep strength workouts into high-rep toning workouts. There are great bicep workouts for women on Daily Spot, but Sarah’s Daily Sweat is the most popular. It’s a full-body routine meant to get the heart rate-up and tone up all of the muscles. Check it out today!